Antique Books

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The Best Book

Proverbs 10:9
He who walks with integrity walks securely,
but he who perverts his ways will become known.

I love antiques. I’ve got several pieces in my house. The 1930’s table I slaved over for hours to refinish. The steamer trunk brought from Germany by my relatives. The little wooden rocker passed on to me by my mom. They’re all neat and special, but I would have to say that my favorite set of antiques is my book collection. Over a hundred roughed up novels, school text books, and history guides grace the shelves of an equally roughed up antique book case I got from my great grandparents’ farm house. The writing style and topics of each book tell a lot about the authors and the times they lived in. Never mind their frayed pages and worn out covers from as early as 1880. It just shows their character – the value of their age.

While antique books might show off their age to the world by their style and cover quality, you show off your value to the world by your character. This has nothing to do with your “cover,” though – that outside shell that, depending on your skin type, body build, or hair color, may or may not make you feel beautiful. This is about who you are on the inside . . . and how you live.

Character – doing what’s right all the time – is like a rare book at an antique store. It’s hard to find and very valuable. People who live with character are just as few and far between. You have to search hard to find people who will always be honest. People who will treat others like they would like to be treated.

The world shows off talent, looks, and personality. But what God loves the most is a person who will be a “pattern of good works” (an example) to those around them. Someone who will do what’s right at all costs. That’s the life that God rewards. You’ll be secure because God is always faithful to bless someone who chooses to live and act like Him. It may look like the world is making it big because they took some shortcuts along the way. But just watch; you’ll see their lives fall apart while you live in peace.

If you want to stand out and have the best, live in character. You’ll get the best job and the best grades. You’ll find surprise gifts because you helped someone. You’ll find friendships with people who will be true and good to you. Like an antique book, you’ll become more and more valuable as the world falls off the shelves because they didn’t know how to live God’s way.