Christa in Mom's Wedding Dress

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A Put On

Colossians 3:12-14 (The Message)
"So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It's your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it. "

Okay, I have to admit, I'm not much of a shopper. Don't spend a lot of time at the mall. It makes me cranky to spend three hours looking for one thing in a thousand stores. But it does give me a sense of exhilaration when I finally make it home, take off the tags, and wear my new wardrobe addition. Mission accomplished!

The other day, though, I tried on something that didn't require a visit to the mall. It was my mom's wedding dress - almost thirty years old. Despite the slightly yellowed fabric and the wonderful seventies look, it fit perfectly! From the ruffled neckline, to the tapered waist, to the puffed sleeves, you would have thought it was made with me in mind.

Your seamstress, store clerk, and wedding coordinator isn't the only one who has your best fit in mind. God's also got a wardrobe of hand picked outfits that He's designed for you - outfits that He'd like to see you put on and flaunt every day. They're modest, beautifully handcrafted, name-brand attributes that draw attention to the One who made them.

Let's look at that wardrobe:

Compassion: How many times have you felt numb towards some one's plight? God says, "These people and their situations are important to Me. Help them out."
Kindness: This isn't just being "nice." This is deep-down care and affection that doesn't look at whether or not the person deserves it.
Humility: No big heads here! You know who made you and how you got here, so you couldn't brag if you tried.
Quiet Strength: The strongest people are not the ones who barge into a hard situation and loudly take control at the expense of everyone else. They are firm in their decision, but gentle in their approach.
Discipline: Got things to do? A disciplined person knows their priorities. They can get the most important things of life done, even when they don't feel like it.
Even-tempered: Moody people are hard to please. Choose to let God's nature on the inside of you decide how you're going to act and feel.
Content with Second Place: If Sally gets first place, a content and secure person won't make a fuss. They will rejoice with the winner, and be happy they were in the contest.
Quick to Forgive: Never hold a grudge. Don't let the sun go down while you're angry. God forgave the moment the first drop of blood fell from the Cross.
Love: Love drives you to honor God with your life. It compels you to treat people the way God always wanted them to be treated. Never leave home without it!

That's a pretty full closet! But you're not too big, and you're not too small, to fit in to any of these! When you were born again, all these characteristics were "hung" in the closet of your life. Since God purchased these garments for you, it's your job to take them off the hanger and put them on. There's no need to head for the fitting room. Make a decision every morning that you're going to wear them. The more you read about the value of these outfits, value them, and stay close to their Designer, the more you'll see them gracing your life for all to see!

Love ya!