Trust Me

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He will direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:5,6

Ever been so baffled about something that you just had to ask the person, "What in the world are you thinking? That couldn't possibly work!" Then you hear: "It'll work. Trust me."

Trust me. That's an aggravating response, and an extreme challenge for me! My little analytical brain wants to know everything from beginning to end. All my ducks must be in a neat little row. And absolutely no surprises! Unfortunately, God doesn't find that helpful. I remember the time when I was trying to figure out my future and He interrupted my musings with, "Just keep walking, Christa." That was just a nice way of saying, "Just shut up and keep moving." Okay, I can take a hint.

Trust > firm faith or confidence in the honesty,
integrity, reliability, justice, etc. of another person or thing.

God gave you your brain for a reason. Using it is not a sin. In fact, it would be poor stewardship if you didn't put it use! Letting it decide your every move in life, though, causes problems. Since when have you been able to know exactly how your future was supposed to turn out? Are you all-knowing like God, who knows every detail of everyone's life from now until eternity? Leaving your decisions completely up to your wits is scary when you don't know what lies ahead.

Trust > confident expectation, anticipation, or hope.

That's why, as a Christian, God asks you to trust Him. If your life is His, then He has every right to call the shots. And why wouldn't you want to let Him when your thinking is so limited? I want God's best for my life. I want to see His dreams for me come true. But if I spend a lifetime trying to figure out everything from my pea-sized cranium, I'll miss out on His perfect will and its blessings. He wants to do "above anything we could ask or think." His ideas are greater than ours. And His ability to make them happen goes beyond our best efforts.

Trust > faith and reliance.

The path God has you on is exciting! The challenging part is to acknowledge God in everything you do. Not just the small things that you think you could handle if He didn't pull through for you. Not the big things that only Almighty God could take care of. He wants to be Lord of every little detail - whether you understand it all or not. When you choose to surrender your understanding - your brain - to Him, He will direct every step you need to take.
The key is "all your heart." Not just a slice, portion, or chunk of it - but all of it. His will can only be done when total confidence is placed in Him. When your whole heart is trusting, the pressure is off you. You can simply "keep walking" and know that the end result is going to be His best.