When You Dream

When You Dream
© 2008 Music and Lyrics by Christa Heider

Here is my future cut in stone,
Designed for what I call my own.
Whoever knew this dream would change,
Until You came and rearranged.

When I dream with You, redemption is revealed,
Giving life to more than what I see.
When I dream with You, You dream beyond my world,
And every dream in You comes true.

You took my sights from me to You,
Revealed Your best in something new.
Now my pleasure is Your plan,
I give my all to Your command.

My dreams, Your heart, this is all I want,
Your dreams, my love, ev’ry part of me.

More on this later!



The Uncommon Girl

Uncommon>Rare; not common or usual; strange; remarkable; extraordinary.

We talked last time about how you have a choice between being a Common Girl or an Uncommon Girl. The world is forever wanting us to conform to what they think is acceptable or "normal." But God's got different plans - plans that transform a Common Girl into a remarkable, Uncommon Girl.

"So what's in it for me?" you might be asking. "Being a Common Girl doesn't sound too bad. Look at all the fun I could have!"

First of all, let's look at a few facts about the Common Girl. Living like a Common Girl means conforming yourself to the world, which is sin. Sin separates us from God, leading to eternal death in hell when we die. THAT does not sound like fun! The Bible also says that sin is pleasurable for a season but leads to death in the end. Look at the lives of some of the Common Girls you've seen around. Choas, broken relationships, pain, addictions . . . it's a major self-destructive lifestyle.

The solution? Repent of your sin and surrender yourself to an uncommon redemption through Jesus. The transformation from Common to Uncommon then happens as you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You're changed from an old, sinful creature to a new, righteous creature that can now stand boldy before God as His friend and daughter (2 Corinthians 5:17). No makeover of this world could ever accomplish that! From that day forward, it's your responsibility to allow God to perfect your life - spirit, soul, and body - into an Uncommon Girl.

Let's take a look at the Uncommon Girl. This is the girl that God has always dreamed you to be!

UnCommoner Trait #1:
Follows their own preferences in fashion, music tastes, intertainment, etc.
This girl knows who she is and what she likes. She's got her own style that represents the personality God has given her. Just because her best friend likes the ecclectic look doesn't mean she's got to give up her frills. What dominates her style is a modesty and purity that sets her apart from any old girl who can't bear liking something other than what the world says is cool.

UnCommoner Trait #2:
Lives out their own dreams and not someone else's.
So many girls are applauded for what they've accomplished. But why stand in envy when God has a plan tailored just for you? There's so much to look forward to . . . so many dreams to live out. You've got a purpose that only YOU can fullfill because God's the One dreaming for you.
Move over Britney Spears and J-Lo! Whether on stage or off stage, you've got a destiny that's going to make an impact for good!

UnCommoner Trait #3:
Stands up for what's right when tempted to compromise.
What?! Back down! This just isn't in your vocabulary! Forget what kind of persecution you may get. You're answering to the God of the universe who will see that you are rewarded - both now and later - for doing what's right. What you stand for is just too precious to give up in order to just avoid a little flak.

UnCommoner Trait #4:
Puts others first, themselves second.
This girl has her moments of decision like everyone else. She can either look to the good of others or forever keep her sites on #1. Selfishness, though, isn't an option when you consider the sacrifice Jesus made. The love of God is in your heart, so other people have definitely got to come first.
Hey, the Golden Rule never hurt anyone!

UnCommoner Trait #5:
Has a strong desire to better themselves.
You see the lousy way your peers end up when they ignore character traits like self discipline, responsibility, and a good work ethic. That life's just not for you. You're going somewhere, and it's not down hill! It's going to take wisdom from God and those in authority to help you reach your full potential.

UnCommoner Trait #6:
Desires to change the world around them for the better.
Stand in front of a crowd and flash glimmer and glitz - and for what? A little self-satisfaction that leads people away from God? No way! Your world is depending on your influence. You may not be able to strike up a conversation with every girl and guy on the planet. But God's definitely got people that only YOU can reach with the Gospel.

This life sounds exciting to me! And where I'm concerned, there is no other option but to be an Uncommon Girl. When I consider God's love for me and all He's done to make my life uncommon, I couldn't imagine something different.

One thing that makes God so much different than the world is His love and unconditional acceptance for you as His creation. When God looks at the world, He doesn't see a mass of people whose lives simply blend together from days to day. Every life has meaning and uniqueness. The Bible says in I Peter 2:9 that you are His special treasure. And Psalm 139:14 declares that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God never designed you to be common! From your talents, to your looks, to your personality, no one else's life is colored just like yours. Not to mention the amazing born again spirit and power of God that lives in you, declaring that you are anything but remotely close to being like the world! So why try to be a commoner when you can be a remarkable young woman of God?

Remember this, Princess, no one but Jesus should ever decide who you are. Who you are is definitely Uncommon!

Love ya!