The Common Girl

Romans 12:2
And do not be not be conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect,will of God.
Have you ever stopped to think about how many options you have in deciding who and what you want to be? We have thousands of high profile and low profile people around us that set an example for us in some way or another. Lifestyles, clothing styles, personalities, talents - you name it - you get to choose! So many people want you to conform to the image they've placed in front of you. Some examples are good . . . some are, well, far from exemplary.
So you've got a choice. The world wants you to conform to their mold, but God wants you to conform to His. There is a total opposite here! Which one you choose determines whether you rank as a common girl or an uncommon girl. When you choose to follow the world's examples, you're automatically ranked as a commoner. Why? Because the world has this idea that you should be just like everyone else. Even fashion designers know how to manipulate clothing styles so every shopper has no choice but to buy what they've been offered on the store racks. Then there's their view of Christians. They want you to be mellow and quiet in who you are. They'd prefer you fade into the background and become a "common" person - without influencing anyone or anything around you. When you choose to be a commoner, you're reduced to nothing more than a poorly charactered, non-productive, and intimidated individual. Sound attractive?
Just in case you're not quite sure which girl you want to be, let's look at some Common Girl traits:
Commoner Trait #1:
Follows the crowd in fashion, music tastes, intertainment, etc.
Sadly, this is easy to do. You're bombarded with this stuff everywhere you go. There's a big emphasis on what's "cool" and what's not. An ankle-length skirt is old fashioned. Your best friend doesn't like classical music, so why should you? And no one your age would ever think of stepping foot into a Gaither's concert! So why not melt your personal tastes into the standards around you? After all, everyone else is doing it.
Commoner Trait #2:
Lives out somone else's dream, rather than their own.
You've grown up watching a movie star you're entire life. This girl looks like she's got it all together. She's famous, she's beautiful, she's talented. You want to be just like her. But suddenly your dream is crushed as you get older and realize that you can't act, the modeling agency isn't calling your number, and no one knows you exist. So was there ever a dream just for you somewhere hidden in this wash of destinies?
Commoner Trait #3:
Can't stand up to the compromise and do what's right when challenged.
A conviction is something you would live or die for. But so many girls lose their conviction the first time someone suggests that it's dumb to think or act that way. Was it really a conviction? Is there any belief worth standing for? Maybe it would just be easier to do whatever felt good - whatever made you look the best in front of your peers.
Commoner Trait #4:
Lives only for themselves with no thought toward others.
Self-centered would describe this kind of girl. Her world revolves around her dreams, her wants, and her happiness. A thousand people could fall off the planet and she'd never notice because she's focused on her favorite word in the dictionary: ME.
Commoner Trait #5:
Has no desire to better themselves.
Mom says you should be more kind to others. Dad says you should watch your spending habits. Teacher says you ought to master the English language. But why? Life is fleeting, so why mess with working toward a better you? Unless, of course, it means getting highlights in your hair and a new tan.
Commoner Trait #6:
Has no desire to change the world around them for the better.
Again, there's no time for moving focus from self to others. If there was something worth striving for, it would be a degree that enables you to make more money. Or put your face on the latest IQ magazine. Forget developing a dream that will impact someone else's life for eternity. How could one person make that kind of impact, anyway?
The more I read these characteristics, the less appealing they are to me. In fact, they leave a very sour taste in my mouth. If this is what a common girl looks like, I'm thinking there's got to be another option. Next time we'll talk about The Uncommon Girl. Now, she's the one I could aspire to!