When Passion Meets Purity #1

Have you ever noticed how a person changes when they get passionate about something? Suddenly, the object of their affection is all they talk about. The once dull look in their eye turns to a gleam; the boring personality turns into animation. What you thought was going to be an easy-going conversation has turned into a one-sided commentary on their new-found love. Yeah, that would be passion.

Passion doesn't happen overnight, though. It's not something that you suddenly wake up with. It's something that grows - slow or fast - over time. It's a result of focus on something or someone. A cool saying is, "Desire follows your pursuit." The more you focus on something, the more you desire it. It's a snow-ball affect. Everytime you give attention to that someone or something, the desire for it grows until it's full-grown passion. It now consumes every part of you.

Probably the most familiar example of passion is the affection between a guy and a girl. You know, you meet someone and you think he's cute. You communicate a little bit more over the next few days, and you begin to like him. Then he does something really sweet - and whoa! - you've got a crush! The next stage is total mental obsession. He's all you think about and you can hardly wait to be with him. As the relationship grows closer, your desire for that person increases. Where it goes from there is a matter of integrity. Will it blossom into love that carefully guards purity? Or will it dive full-speed ahead into uncontrolled passion that's moving toward compromise?

Staying pure mentally and physically is a challenge in our culture. But it's not impossible. The key is getting so passionate about God that all other passions yield to His purity. There's a purity about God-passion that burns like a fire on the inside, beautifying and refining your desires from the inside out. For any developing Princess, it's a must.

We'll chat more on this later!



Mamma's Day

I'm not a mom (do children's church kids count?), but I do plan on being one eventually. Thinking about it, though, can be a little intimidating. Suddenly you're given the responsibility of a new life - one whose future greatly depends on how well you care and train them. Will they reach their full potential in life? Will they come to know Jesus at an early age, and choose to live for Him always? Will they develop a correct, God-inspired image of themselves? Makes you thankful for the effort your parents put into training you!

Proverbs 31:28, 29 says of the virtuous wife and mother: "Her children rise up and call her blessed ; her husband also, he praises her, 'Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all.'"

I don't know about you, but I want so badly to hear those words one day! And the best way to ensure that we do is to honor the mother that God has given us. What goes around comes around. So on this Mother's Day, do your best to love and respect your mother. Rise up and call her blessed. If you don't have a mother around to enjoy, show appreciation to another woman in your life who has helped guide you and set an example for you. Really, the best way you can do that isn't by ONLY your words and gifts. It's by following their example, and living out the wisdom they've invested into you.

So, hey, moms, have a blessed Mother's Day! And for all you "mother-wanna-bes," don't take your future lightly! There's some kiddos whose lives you're going to touch in an awesome way one day - and a husband whose going to think you're the greatest!

Bye for now!