Bold Strides

"Let us therefore come boldly before the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16

She tip-toed up to the ornate doorway and peered ever-so-carefully around the corner. He was there, sitting regally upon his throne, sorting through legal documents. An aid stood at his side, willing to do whatever was asked of him. The King looked busy for sure. But would he welcome her? She slipped away from the door and tried to gather the courage to actually walk in. Maybe if she smiled really big. Or maybe bowed low as she entered. Maybe she should have brought a gift. Two steps forward and . . . no, she just couldn't do it. What if he was angry at her? What if he scolded her in front of his aid? Lips quivering, she slipped away from the door once more.

Ever thought your dad was in a bad mood and you were afraid to walk into his room to ask for something? Intimidated would describe it well. Or scared. But how may decent fathers would actually like the idea that they intimidated you? My dad wouldn't. In fact, he'd be pretty sad if he thought I didn't want to be around him because I didn't have confidence in his love for me. The Bible says God is no different. There have been some wonderful fathers that have lived, but God far surpasses even those examples. Unlike humans, He's perfect and consistent in His temperament and decision making.

So let's say you disobeyed your dad's instructions and went out with friends Friday night anyway. But as you drove home, your conscience kicked in. You felt horrible! You wanted to make it right. As you walked through the front door, you mom met you with "that look." "Your dad's waiting for you in the study," she said. Yes, you wanted to apologize, make amends. But you also feared his reaction. To go into the study might result in something very unpleasant.

There's always discipline for wrong-doing. But there's also forgiveness. A loving father would correct, but yet welcome the chance to fellowship with his daughter again. God is just the same. If it's unnatural to be intimidated by your earthly Father, why should we feel nervous around our heavenly Father, who is perfect and loving in every way? "Come boldly!" He says. "Let me help you with your need." God's mercy and forgiveness is constantly available to us. All we have to do is have the confidence to ask for it. Stride in as if you belonged in His presence (which you do!), and let Him give you "mercy and grace to help." It's either that or stay cowering in your room, miserably aching for what is just a conversation away. You've been made "perfectly acceptable" in God's Kingdom! Bad behavior or not, the King is waiting for you to come in!

Taking a deep breath, she forced her feet forward. Then, lifting her head, she stepped through the door and strode across the marble floor. "Dad, I have something to tell you." The King's head lifted from his work. At the sight of her, he dropped his papers as a smile transformed his once pensive face. "Daughter, come in!"

Ciao . . . until next time!