Wear Your Crown II

" . . . And let it shine with the glamour of His love,
The King desires your beauty to stand before the world."

In my last posting, I shared the story of Princess Athalie and her fear of wearing her crown. "That's crazy!" you might be thinking. "What Princess in her right mind would refuse to wear her crown?" Fact is, many Princesses every day hide their crown before they even step foot out the door. Tucked away in the closet, hidden behind dresser clutter, boxed under the bed . . . you name it - the crown sits collecting dust.

So what does this have to do with you? In this little "parable," Athalie's finery represents the blessings of being a daughter of the King, and her crown represents the glory and presence of the King she serves. Like Athalie, as God's daughter, you've got more going for you than you may realize.

Ever studied the word "salvation"? It's an awesome word that means more than just having your sins forgiven. It includes all the blessings that were bought for us when Jesus died on the cross: healing, deliverance from the devil, protection, provision, and peace. So when you received Jesus as your Lord and savior, all that was given to you. God made sure you weren't going to go through life with just enough to survive. You were going to have everything good at your fingertips - decked from head to toe in His blessings! (3 John 2) He's promised to give us everything we need and more - "above anything we could ask or think." ((Eph. 3:20) Princesses weren't born to scrimp through life! They were born to thrive!

"Cool!" You might say. "I've got it made!" Yeah, you do. But it doesn't stop there. Not only have you been lavished with blessings, you've been given a crown. A crown that represents who you are to the world. When you were born again, God placed His Spirit on the inside of you. The Holy Spirit dwells in you to give you the power you need to make a difference. It's more than just a good self-image; it's the presence and glory of the Most High God! It's the same glory that raised Christ from the dead. Whoa, baby, forget flower power - you've got the supernatural living on the inside of you!

If you were to wear a crown to school or to the mall, wouldn't you turn heads? I mean, how many girls do you see walking around with a tiara and ponytail? You may not be into wearing little headpieces around, but you do have a responsibility to let your spiritual crown shine. It's not enough to enjoy having your needs met and your heart free from fear. God wants to do so much more! He wants others to look at you and see Him and His glory. How are they going to see His glory? By you being bold enough to let that crown "sparkle with the glamour of His love." When you get around the world, they ought to see a difference in you by the way you act and speak. They ought to know you're of royal blood. They ought to know that Jesus is alive and is coming back soon.

Here's your homework: Next time you feel intimidated by who you are as a Christian, put you foot down. Look in the mirror and say, "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!" Then pick up your crown, buff it until it shines, and wear it proudly into your world. Witness to your friends, pray for people with needs, stand up for what you believe. That beauty is going to turn heads . . . there's no telling what could happen when the Holy Spirit goes to work through you! Sure, you're going to get some flak. But you there's some people out there who are aching to be just like you - a Princess with the blessings AND the crown!

I believe in you . . . and most of all, your Father, the King of the Universe, is behind you all the way!

Wear your crown, Princess! Wear your crown!



Wear Your Crown

Princess Athalie stared into the mirror. Decked from head to toe in royal finery, she lacked only one thing - the crown. She sighed as she ran her finger over the gold tiara piece. Could she . . . ?

"Athalie, are you ready? They'll be announcing us at the ball soon . . ."

Athalie's father, the King, took one look at Athalie's downcast face and strode across the dressing room. "What's wrong, Princess?"

"I - I'm not quite ready."

The King smiled. "You look beautiful. I think the crown will provide the finishing touch. Here, let me help you."

He reached for the crown, but Athalie backed away. "I don't think I want to wear it tonight."

The King ran his finger under Athalie's chin to turn her head so he looked into her swimming eyes. "Why not?" he asked softly.

"No one else will be wearing a crown," she whispered. "I'll be the only one . . ."

"Because you are the only princess," the King noted.

"Yes, but they treat me different. I'm not like them."

"Do you want to be like them?"

"I - I'm not sure. It's confusing . . . they don't have to attend stuffy balls and meetings. They don't have to watch what they say every moment lest someone make gossip out of it. They don't have nearly the responsibilities . . ."

"Are they of a royal blood, Athalie?"

"Nooo . . ."

"Athalie, it is a privilege to have royal blood. Yes, there are responsibilities. But think of all the perks of being a part of the Kingdom. Do they have everything they need at their fingertips? Do they get to enjoy favor with high officials? Do they get to participate in all the great affairs of the state?"

Athalie hung her head. "No, sir."

The King put his arm around his daughter. "You, Athalie, are a part what many would only dream about. Many don't even realize what they would be missing had they been born a royal heir. It's a privilege - an honor. And though you have many responsibilities, you have all the backing of the Kingdom behind you."

"But what about what they think?" Athalie protested. "Some times I see them sticking their noses up at me. Some times they whisper behind their hands - and I don't have a clue what I've done! All I did was wear my crown!"

The King's eyes sparkled with his smile. "Exactly! Your crown represents who you are. It identifies you as my daughter. They may not appreciate it because of jealousy, or because of a lack of respect for the Kingdom. But that makes you no less valuable to your country, or to the royal family. What they think is very insignificant to the value that the Kingdom and I have placed on you."

"So what do I do?"

"Don't be intimidated by who you are, Princess. You have far more influence than you realize. Yes, there will be people who despise you. But there are an equal, if not greater, amount of girls who look to you as their role model. You hold something of value that they long for."

Athalie bit her lip as she gazed once again at the glittering crown atop her dresser. This time it didn't look so intimidating. It was beautiful.

Gently the King lifted the crown and placed it atop Athalie's head. "Wear your crown, Princess. Wear your crown."

The End . . . But Not for You

Selah . . . more to come.