Workin' On the Inside

"Okay," you're thinking, "I understand that it's not what I do or what I look like that gives me value. I need to develop what's most important. So how do I do that?"

First of all, let's get down to the basics. God made you a spiritual being. You are a spirit, you have a soul (your mind, will, and emotions), and you live in a body. When you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, your spirit changed. God took out the "old you" and put in the "new you" with a perfect and sinless nature like His. He filled you with His Holy Spirit, giving you power to live like that new person inside. So why don't we have a bunch of perfect people running around in the world? Unfortunately, your mind and body didn't change. Now it's up to you to train your mind and body to desire what God desires. You've got to find out what He wants, and put those wants into practice. Sound like work? Yeah, it's work, but it has awesome rewards!

Get Directions

Think about taking a trip to a foreign country without a map. Or building a house without a blueprint. Or taking a test without first taking the class. Scary thought. No telling what the results would be! But that's how our lives would be without the Bible - lost, chaotic, and failing. God knows we couldn't make it without some instructions, so He wrote it all down for us to live by. Every day the Word of God should be part of your routine. Set aside time to read and study. God will not only reveal His will for your life, but will show you how He thinks about you. Remember, His opinion is #1!

Find the Secret Place

God's presence is the most secure place you will ever be. When you're talking to Him, and He's talking to you, there's no room for inferiority or doubts. No lies about who you are can penetrate the Secret Place. That's why it's important to spend quality time with the King. He deserves your attention as your Savior and King. But He also loves you and wants to reveal things about Himself to you. He's got dreams to download into your heart. Don't miss the chance to develop your royalty by missing a day of time with Him.

Hang With God

The Bible says not to "forsake the assembly of yourselves together." In other words, put attending church on your calendar! Going to church was never meant to be a weekly ritual - a "I have to." It should be a joy to the Princess to spend time with other believers. Hearing the Word of God preached and surrounding yourself with worship does wonders for the inner complexion of you. Take advantage of it. Expect God to touch you and challenge you to be beautiful from the inside out.

The key to these three steps is doing them, and doing them well. You can read the Bible out of habit, and get nothing out of it. You can go through the motions of a prayer time each morning, but never receive anything from God. You can even go to church every time there's a service, but go away with an empty heart. Keep your love for the King strong by pursuing Him with all you've got. Tell the distractions to get lost. You've got priorities and you're going somewhere! This is a beauty makeover you can't afford to miss!

Ciao, la bella!


La Bella

I went on a missions trip to Italy a few years ago. They warned us girls about how forward the Italian men could be as you're walking down the street. If they thought you were a good lookin' American, they might call out, "La Bella!" and give you a wink. Nice try, but I'd like something a little more gentlemanly, thank you.

Stuff like that makes me wonder: Is the outward all a guy - or anyone else, for that matter - sees or cares about? Between television, magazines, and bill boards, you would think that was all this life was for. But like I said in my last posting, God looks at the heart. Read I Samuel 16:7 from the Message Bible: "But God told Samuel, 'Looks aren't everything . . . God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.'"

So if God, who made you, looks at your heart, it would make sense that that's the most important part of you. It's what's going to last into eternity - past the pretty face and talents that fade with age. I Peter 3:3,4 says,
"Do not let your adornment be merely outward - arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel - rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God."

Incorruptible! That means it won't die, corrupt, or tarnish. Can't say that about the exterior. But if the interior is touched by the nature of the King, it will maintain a beauty no one else can touch. As long as you don't let them. It's yours to protect and shelter. It's yours to yield to God so He can make into what His dreams have envisioned for you. While the world loves the sparkling smile, God loves a gentle nature. While society demands a perfect figure, God desires a pure heart. One's out, one's in. One dies, one lasts forever. Which will you choose?

When I stand before God one day, it will be my spirit - the real me - that He looks at. Will tears fill the King's eyes as He sees something far short from His purpose? Or will He smile and say, "La Bella!" when His gaze falls on the incorruptible, undying heart of His precious Princess?

Until we talk again,


Beauty Queen

"They say you're average, like any other teen,
They say you're ordinary, far from a beauty queen . . ."

You know, models aren't all what they're cracked up to be. Sure, they're beautiful. But even on their best days a tech on some computer at the office has to tweak that blemish on their chin. Or the hair and makeup pro has to do what the model can't do with hairspray and blush. I don't know about you, but I can't afford to have someone fixing me all day long! So what's a girl to do? Spend hours every day worrying about every imperfection? Deal out hard earned cash for a fix that lasts about half the time it took to save up the money? Or maybe give up all together and take on that 70s "natural look." Yikers! There has to be some better way!

I think we'd all agree that girls were made to love and admire beautiful things. That's how God geared us. Personally, I'm proud to be feminine. I like buying a cute tops and trying a new lip color. And a new pair of shoes never hurt anyone! But who I am is not defined by the pretty clothes I wear, the perfection of my makeup, or the shape of my body. If I'm going to make it with confidence in this world of glamour, my priorities have got to be in the right place.

My favorite Scripture verse is Proverbs 31:30: "Favor is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised." Models have favor with modeling agencies because of their beauty. But guess what? That beauty is going to fade. One day, what they did when they were in their twenties and thirties is just going to be a memory. What does Proverbs say? "But a woman who fears the Lord will be praised." Putting God first in your life is the only thing that's going to last. You've got to find your value in Him. And the wonderful thing about God is that He doesn't look at the ouside to determine how beautiful you are. He looks at your heart. He sees that new born-again spirit on the inside of you and exclaims, "Ah, gorgeous!" As you give all of yourself to Him, He shapes your life into something no surgeon, makup artist, or hair stylist could ever create. He's got His own modeling agency, and every one of you is on the front cover of His book on fashion!

The bottom line is this: The most beautiful part of you is what others can't see. It's the most important part, and should receive the most attention (we'll talk more on this later). In the end, it's going to get the greatest reward - the praise of the King!

So, hey, beauty queen, when you're curling your hair tomorrow morning, take pride in that smashing super model God's created you to be!

"He says you're beautiful, to Him you're everything,
He says you're lovely, beyond the magazines . . ."

Love ya,


No Miss Inferiority

"You've never been on stage, or sung a sweet duet,
You've never won a medal for your accomplishment . . ."

Ever done this? You go to the store and see the faces of beautiful models, talented athletes, and famous actors and actresses plastered on magazine covers. It's like those pages scream, "You'll never be like these people! You're inferior." And you go home with a sick feeling in your stomach. Suddenly your value (in your opinion) has gone from large to extra-small. I can just imagine God when this happens. He sits up on His throne, concerned as you curl up on the couch to watch yet another chick flick that only makes you feel worse. "Wait!" He says. "You're not inferior! I don't make inferior; I make valuable. Don't listen to them. Listen to Me!"

Check out I Peter 2:9 from the The Message Bible: "You are the ones chosen by God, chosen of the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God's instruments to do His work and speak out for Him, to tell others of the night-and-day differences He made for you - from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted."

Wow! You may not have the athletic abilities of your friends, but God chose you for His royal team! The judges may not have ranked you first place, but God gave you a crown that sparkles more than any medal! Despite the nauseating feeling you get on stage, God's put you on a throne all your own! Face it, no outward beauty or talent can't compare to that. The King has accepted you!

Think about that next time Miss Inferiority tries to pull you down. Stand tall . . . wear your crown, girl!

"The King's spotlight sweeps in time to your sweet song,
And He applauds the treasure that you've held all along . . ."

'Til next time,