You're A Princess

You've never been on stage or sung a sweet duet,
You've never won a medal for your accomplishment.
They say you're average, like any other teen,
They say you're ordinary, far from a beauty queen.
But they don't know, they don't see . . .

You're a princess, kin to royalty,
The king looks at you and smiles at what He sees,
So wear your crown, wear you crown,
You're a princess.

The King's spotlight sweeps in time to your sweet song,
And He applauds the treasure that You've held all along.
He says you're beautiful, to Him you're everything,
He says you're lovely, beyond the magazines.
He'll let you know, all will see . . .

And let it shine with the glamour of His love,
The King desires your beauty to stand before the world.

(c) 2005 Christa Heider

These lyrics were inspired by Princess Diaries 2 (any fans out there?). My favorite part was when the orphan girls were defended and included in the parade. As I watched, I thought, "That's potential for a song!" I wrote, but it birthed more than a song - it birthed a desire to see girls like you to become everything God wants them to be. It's a tough world to fight against. You've got values of all kinds coming at you from all directions, demanding that you become like them. But God's got different ideas. He sees you as valuable despite what the world, your friends, or even your family thinks. And let me assure you - what God thinks goes! You just have to find out what God thinks!

So this blog - simple as it may seem - is dedicated to you. If you want to wear your crown, polished and beautiful for God's glory, stay connected. You're a princess, after all. You were born for royalty. Believe it.